8 April 2014

Mari OTA / 太田麻里

Mari OTA / 太田麻里

Born 1982 in Nagoya, and graduated from the department of oil painting at Tama Art University in 2006. Participated the Exchange programme to Royal College of Art in 2007 and completed MA in painting from Kyoto City University of Arts.


1|Apollon and Daphne, 2008
2|Doughnut, 2009
3|Mawaru 1, 2009
4|Mawaru 2, 2009
5|Mawaru 3, 2009
All photo’s © Mari Ota


2010  Tora, Tora, Tora, Galerie Clemens Thimme, Karlsruhe
2010   [solo show]Chocolate for Sysphus, Youkobo, Tokyo
2009   [solo show]Mawaru, shin-bi, Kyoto
2009   [solo show]Mari Ota, Mizuma Action, Tokyo
2007   [solo show]Etude, Gallery K, Seoul
2006   [solo show]My diary by Mari Ota: the perspectives for the new generation 2006   Galerie Tokyo Humanité, Tokyo
2005   [solo show]Unfinished zoo: humanité lab vol.2, Galerie, Tokyo Humanité, Tokyo