Allotment short-lists the final nominated artists as an archive.
This archive was initiated to support artists and their artistic practice by showcasing their information.
Hoping to be the platform for the artists’ further development with a desire to showcase to a new audience globally.
It is updated regularly and also added nominee from the Travel Award short-list: Their practice crosses the boundaries
of genre, and the archive is to further understand artists’ work as well as the current art scene in Japan.
* If you would like to contact the artist directly artist, please follow the link below.


Born in Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture in 1978. Base in Kyoto and Aichi Prefecture. Studied at Iceland University of the Arts on an exchange program in 2001. Graduated from Winchester School of Art, BA Fine Art, Sculpture (Southampton University) in 2003. Stayed in Berlin from 2015 to 2016. Artist career of “CHUCHU” has been started since 2017 after experiencing various jobs. CHUCHU makes installation works using things from the surrounding environment, and creates works by observing nature. CHUCHU is larger than an individual, and always changes depending on the work.


1| Chuchu Park in the sea/ Installation (part)/ Kamoe Art Center, Hamamatsu/ 2020
2| Organs of the earth/(from「Become Water」/ Kyoto Art Center/ 2019
3| Become Water/ Installation (part)/ Kyoto Art Center/ 2019
4| The beginning of the beginning/ Installation/ Kamoe Art Center, Hamamatsu / 2018
5| Manzenyakkyoku Kura/ Installation/ Kameyama Triennale/ 2017
All photo’s © CHUCHU


2021 [Solo Exhibition] “Timeless composition”, Toyonaka, Osaka
2020 Art Award IN THE CUBE, Gifu Art Museum, Gifu
2020 [Solo Exhibition] “Chuchu Park in the sea”, Kamoe Art Center, Hamamatsu
2019 Kyoto Art Center co-program 2019 category C「Become Water」, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto
2019 [Solo Exhibition] “the crossing”, Art Spot Korin, Kyoto
2018 The 54th Kanagawa art competition Incentive award, Yokohama
2018 [Solo Exhibition]The beginning of the beginning, Kamoe Art Center, Hamamatsu



Luciana Janaqui / ルシアナ・ハナキ

Born in Lima, 1987. Lives and works in Brussels. Completed Máster Latinoamericano de fotografía contemporánea, Centro de la Imagen, Lima, 2017. An artist in residence at Matadero Madrid, 2018, in the framework of TOKAS Exchange Residency Program. She reexamines the world from the perspectives of both identity oscillating between different languages or cultures and individuality fractured on the Internet. Her projects focus on deconstructing and reconstructing relations between body as a device and memory as a data storage.


1|things around the memory of that trip/ chitchatting about Peruvian school trip memory / 2021–

2|mi EL Camino / a pilgrimage through memories of others and its documentation (detail) / 2018 

3|Counseling Reflection / HD video / 26 min. 8 sec. / 2020

4|Searching for the Search for Self / traveling and observing other travelers / 2013–

5|countries / voice audio / 1min. / voice mail system / 2020
All photo’s ©Luciana Janaqui


2020 3278079060, voice mail system, Belgium

2019 Foreshadows, Tokyo Arts and Smpace Hongo, Tokyo

2018 [Performance] She reads a diary of mine, theirs, or perhaps her own, Matadero Madrid, Madrid

2017 /jama/, Yakushima



上村洋一 / Yoichi KAMIMURA

Born in 1982, lives and work in Chiba City.

Yoichi Kamimura explores phenomenon such as weather and astronomy through the sense of sound and vision. It is how to capture the existence of ‘nature’ which cannot be grasped by only our sensory experience, and it is to face the ‘environment’ between human and non-human things. He has been mainly producing installations by using field recording, and presenting them in and out of Japan.


1| i still can’t get over you/ “Floating Between the Tropical and Glacial Zones” Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo / 2021

2| Breathe You/ “Michikusa: Walks with the Unknown” Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki/ 2020

3| Hyperthermia/ “emergencies! 039” NTT InterCommunication Center, Tokyo/ 2019

4| phantom power/ “Temporary Ground” MARUIEDO JAPAN, Tokyo/ 2019

5| no human, no nature/ “Temporary Ground” MARUIEDO JAPAN, Tokyo/ 2019
Photo 1 ©Yoichi Kamimura 2 ©Hibiki Miyazawa
3 ©Ryohei Tomita 4 ©Ken Kato 5 ©Ken Kato


2021 [Exhibition / Collaboration Project]”Floating Between the Tropical and Glacial Zones” Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo
2020 ”Sapporo International Art Festival 2020″ Sapporo, Hokkaido
2020 ”Michikusa: Walks with the Unknown” Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Ibara
2020 ”Music for Environment” Plaza, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki
2019 [Solo Exhibition]”emergencies! 039″ NTT InterCommunication Center, Tokyo
2018 「Sound Research in NY」, New York

2017 ”2017 Season 4 Residency Artists Exhibition” Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan
2011 [Solo Exhibition]”CRITERIUM82″ Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Ibaraki



Yukawa-Nakayasu / ユカワナカヤス

Born in Osaka1981. Lives and works in Osaka.
Yukawa-Nakayasu confronts aspects of human agency and phenomenon that span from the past until present, from habits, history, to customs. These are means to create works that sculpturize diverse relationships through appropriation of their medium and context. He is a co-director of TRA-TRAVEL/Osaka Art-hub, initiated in 2019. He received The12th Arte Laguna Grand Prize in 2018.


1|Falls from the skies “Japanese connection”/ installation image / Nikolaj Kunsthal/ Copenhagen/ 2017
2|Deep Breath “AIAV AiR trans_2017-2018”/ installation image/ Akiyoshidai International Art village/ 2018
3|Dear “in the era of Asia’s Post-LCC”/ movie still/ Kyoto Art Center/ Kyoto/ 2020
4|Hide and Trick the wind/ “Hide and Trick the wind”/ movie still/ Tsung-Yeh Art and Culture Center/ Tainan/ 2020
5|Affordance of new uncivilization/ installation & performance image/ “Great Kyoto 2020 in Wazuka”/ 2020
All photo’s © Yukawa-Nakayasu © Great Kyoto 2020 in Wazuka


2020 “Hide and Trick the wind”, Tsung-Yeh Art and Culture Center, Tainan, TAIWAN 

2020 “in the era of Asia’s Post-LCC”, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, JAPAN

2019 “Goodness of intervals”, Enokojima Art Culture and Creative Center, Osaka, JAPAN

2018 “AIAV AiR trans_2017-2018”, Akiyoshidai International Art village, Yamaguchi, JAPAN

2018 The 12th Arte Laguna Prize , Venice, Italy

2017 “Japanese connection”, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, DENMARK

2016 “A survey for the history of fertility, 2016”, Gallery PARC, Kyoto, JAPAN

2015 “Breakpoint of Habitus” , NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2015, Gunma, JAPAN



杉山有希子 / Yukiko SUGIYAMA

Born in 1985, lives and works in Kyoto, Japan. 

2011 MFA in sculpture course in Kanazawa College of Art, Ishikawa.
The work, shot with a near-infrared camera, not only highlights the material differences between man-made objects and living things, but also contrasts the “products of the past”, which are destined to decay with “life” that lives in the present. Despite its truthfulness, it creates a dystopian world like science fiction. The theme of this work is to share a scene that leads to the next world as a landscape of new relationships.


1| CRASH CA 01/ 2017

2| CRASH CA 02/ 2017

3| CRASH KY 01/ 2018

4| PHASES VLBA 01/ 2019

5| PHASES SSFL 01/ 2019
All photo’s ©Yukiko SUGIYAMA


2021 [Solo Exhibition]’CRASH 2021’, roid works gallery, Tokyo

2020 [Award]Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) / Silvana S. Foundation Commission Award, finalist, SINGAPORE
2020 [Award]The Independent photographer ‘Visual Storytelling’ competition, finalist, GERMANY
2020 [Solo Exhibition]‘Phases’ Galerie Kern, Zurich 

2019 [Group Exhibition]‘Manual Transmissions’ The Glass Box Gallery/ University of California Santa Barbara, CA

2019 [Group Exhibition]”Miss”iles, Galerie Kern, Zurich 

2019 [Group Exhibition]KG+ Award 2018 Finalists Exhibition, Presented by SIGMA, America-Bashi Gallery, Tokyo

2018 [Solo Exhibition]’CRASH’ KYOTOGRAPHIE KG+ Award 2018, Gallery TOMO and Junpu elementary school, Kyoto

2018 Group exhibition, 日本橋三越本店 Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, Tokyo, JAPAN

2018 [Award]KYOTOGRAPHIE KG+Award 2018, Award finalist, JAPAN




Born in 1988, lives and work in Tokyo.
TAKUMICHAN wants to create an undivided world.In the process, he builds his own improvisation performance. He has been active across areas such as performing arts, art, and theater. And since 2018 he hosts the “TAKUMICHAN Cup,” a competition in which he serves as a judge and decides the winner. In recent years, the theme has been the transition from the “unintelligible” state of words to the moment they are shared between people. SICF19 PLAY Akane Nakamura Award [2018], Yokohama Dance Collection Jury Award [2016] (as Aokid x TAKUMICHAN), etc.


1|Digital Clock/ Time signal, camcorder, projector, performance/ Goethe-Institut Tokyo/ 2020
2|Bokuha10punkannodougadesu/ video,10 minutes/ Dance Base Yokohama/ 2020
3|full scale-TAKUMICHAN/ online, SCOOL/ 2020 

4|Complete,Verifiable,Irreversible/ performance 80minutes/ blanClass/ 2019

5|body/language/performance/ SuperDeluxe/2018
Photo 1 ©Yulia Skogoreva. 2 ©TAKUMICHAN. 3 ©Dance Strategy Meeting. 4 ©blanClass. 5 ©comuramai


2021 Doubutsuenzoo in TOKAS 2021/ Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo
2020 stilllive/ Goethe-Institut Tokyo

2020 PORT:Performance or Theory/ Dance Base Yokohama
2020 office mountain/ ST Spot
2020 Toyooka Theater Festival 2020 fringe『MOVE-MOV(I)E MEN-MENT!!!!』/ Takeno,Toyooka,Hyogo(as Aokid×TAKUMICHAN)
2020 3rd TAKUMICHAN Cup/ online, FLESH
2020 Dance Strategy Meeting “Meeting”/ online, SCOOL

2019 R2_monumentED/ Republic of the Philippines