Kyoko MIWA / 三輪恭子

Kyoko MIWA / 三輪恭子

1982 Born in Miyazaki, Japan.
2007-2005 Graduate School Research Divisions of Education, Fukuoka University of Education, Japan
From 2007 Miwa participated in the residence programm at Kyodo Atelier 3-GoSoko, Fukuoka, for 3 years. She currently works as an artist based in Fukuoka. Based on the theme “celebration of the singularity,” she has created a number of installation works in response to the places that she visited. In addition, she started research on how certain religious thoughts, such as ancestor worship, are practiced in the life of ordinary people. She visited the islands in Kyushu and Okinawa, and drew her impressions through the research.

Lives and work in Fukuoka, Japan


1|personal happy mark : I’d like to visit you./ pastel on paper, pen, text / W333×H243(mm) / 2016
2|personal happy mark : Superstar. Happy./ pastel on paper, pen, text/ W227×H160(mm) / 2016
3|Be present/sun light, mirror, wire/ size variable / 2015
4|untitled(Yoron-island), installation view/pastel on paper, pen / 2015
5|the other side of view/ lens, tracing paper, coral, piano wire, resin, wire/ size variable / 2014
All photo’s © Kyoko MIWA


2016 [solo show] personal happy mark, art space tetra, Fukuoka, Japan
2015 Artspace Chiyofuku Akimatsuri, Artspace Chiyofuku ,Fukuoka, Japan
2015 Ichihanari Art Project +3, Ikei Island, Okinawa, Japan
2015 Fukuoka Prefectual Museum of Art Collection, Fukuoka Prefectual Museum of Art, Fukuoka, Japan
2015 [solo show] YANYA SCRIPT esquisse, Gallery YANYA, Fukuoka, Japan
2014 Ichihanari Art Project, Ikei Island, Okinawa, Japan
2013 [solo show] Gallery-58, Tokyo, Japan
2010 [solo show] An attempt to reflect an invisible place, Kyodo Atelier 3-GoSoko, Fukuoka, Japan