Luciana Janaqui / ルシアナ・ハナキ

Luciana Janaqui / ルシアナ・ハナキ

Born in Lima, 1987. Lives and works in Brussels. Completed Máster Latinoamericano de fotografía contemporánea, Centro de la Imagen, Lima, 2017. An artist in residence at Matadero Madrid, 2018, in the framework of TOKAS Exchange Residency Program. She reexamines the world from the perspectives of both identity oscillating between different languages or cultures and individuality fractured on the Internet. Her projects focus on deconstructing and reconstructing relations between body as a device and memory as a data storage.


1|things around the memory of that trip/ chitchatting about Peruvian school trip memory / 2021–

2|mi EL Camino / a pilgrimage through memories of others and its documentation (detail) / 2018 

3|Counseling Reflection / HD video / 26 min. 8 sec. / 2020

4|Searching for the Search for Self / traveling and observing other travelers / 2013–

5|countries / voice audio / 1min. / voice mail system / 2020
All photo’s ©Luciana Janaqui


2020 3278079060, voice mail system, Belgium

2019 Foreshadows, Tokyo Arts and Smpace Hongo, Tokyo

2018 [Performance] She reads a diary of mine, theirs, or perhaps her own, Matadero Madrid, Madrid

2017 /jama/, Yakushima