Rima YAMAZAKI / 山﨑梨真

Rima YAMAZAKI / 山﨑梨真

1982 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2005 BA in Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo, Japan)
2006 Master’s programme, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo, Japan)
2008 BA in Film, Hunter College of The City University of New York (New York, NY)

Rima Yamazaki is a documentary filmmaker who specializes in art and architecture. She currently lives and works in New York, USA.


1|Rackstraw Downes: a painter/ 40 minutes / HD/ 2014
2|Rackstraw Downes: a painter/ 40 minutes / HD/ 2014
3|Joan Jonas: Reanimation/ 72minutes / HD/ 2013
4|James Casebere and Landscape with Houses/ 73 minutes / DV/ 2011
5|Nakagin Capsule Tower: Japanese Metabolist Landmark on the Edge of Destruction/ 58 minutes / DV/ 2010
All photos © Rima YAMAZAKI


2017 Anthology Film Archives, New York, USA
2016 The National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA
2015 Doku Arts 2015, Berlin, Germany
2014 Milan Design Film Festival, Milan, Italy
2013 Performa 13, New York, USA
2012 The Center for Architecture, New York, USA
2011 Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2011 International Festival of Films on Art, Montreal, Canada