Yoichi SANO / 佐野陽一

Yoichi SANO / 佐野陽一

Born 1970 in Tokyo and graduated from BA in Design at Tokyo Zokei University in 1994 and completed Non-degree Graduate Course in Design at Tokyo Zokei University in 1996. He was awarded scholarship by Agency For Cultural Affairs Scholarship Japan and lectured in Tokyo Zokei University and Tokyo University of the Arts in 2004. Currently he is the associate lecturer for Department of Inter Media Art, at Tokyo University of the Arts.


1|reservoir, 2003, infochrom, 100.0×126.0㎝
2|vessel, 2006-07, C-print on acryl mount, each 11.4×14.6×2.0㎝
3|hikari no mizu(0754-2), 2007-09 C-print 6.6×33.8㎝
4|untitled(onshitsu), 2008-09, C-print , 17.8×22.4㎝
5|flow(nihon no kareki)2009-10, C-print , 33.8×26.6㎝
All photo’s © Yoichi Sano


2009   [solo show]Water Of Light, Light Is Not Seen, Switch Point, Tokyo
2009   Japan Meets China:Our Future Reflected in Contemporary Art, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Art
2007   Japan Caught by Camera:Works from the Photographic Art in Japan, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
2007   The Photograph: What You See & What You Don’t, Chinretsukan Gallery of The University Art Museum, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
2007   Subtle Green, IID GALLERY, Tokyo
2007   [solo show]Vessel, Switch Point, Tokyo
2005   [solo show]Transparency, Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo
2004   VOCA 2004: The Vision of Contemporary Art, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo