Yukawa-Nakayasu / ユカワナカヤス

Yukawa-Nakayasu / ユカワナカヤス

Born in Osaka1981. Lives and works in Osaka.
Yukawa-Nakayasu confronts aspects of human agency and phenomenon that span from the past until present, from habits, history, to customs. These are means to create works that sculpturize diverse relationships through appropriation of their medium and context. He is a co-director of TRA-TRAVEL/Osaka Art-hub, initiated in 2019. He received The12th Arte Laguna Grand Prize in 2018.


1|Falls from the skies “Japanese connection”/ installation image / Nikolaj Kunsthal/ Copenhagen/ 2017
2|Deep Breath “AIAV AiR trans_2017-2018”/ installation image/ Akiyoshidai International Art village/ 2018
3|Dear “in the era of Asia’s Post-LCC”/ movie still/ Kyoto Art Center/ Kyoto/ 2020
4|Hide and Trick the wind/ “Hide and Trick the wind”/ movie still/ Tsung-Yeh Art and Culture Center/ Tainan/ 2020
5|Affordance of new uncivilization/ installation & performance image/ “Great Kyoto 2020 in Wazuka”/ 2020
All photo’s © Yukawa-Nakayasu © Great Kyoto 2020 in Wazuka


2020 “Hide and Trick the wind”, Tsung-Yeh Art and Culture Center, Tainan, TAIWAN 

2020 “in the era of Asia’s Post-LCC”, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, JAPAN

2019 “Goodness of intervals”, Enokojima Art Culture and Creative Center, Osaka, JAPAN

2018 “AIAV AiR trans_2017-2018”, Akiyoshidai International Art village, Yamaguchi, JAPAN

2018 The 12th Arte Laguna Prize , Venice, Italy

2017 “Japanese connection”, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, DENMARK

2016 “A survey for the history of fertility, 2016”, Gallery PARC, Kyoto, JAPAN

2015 “Breakpoint of Habitus” , NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2015, Gunma, JAPAN