1 December 2012

ALLOTMENT art project has a seminar at the 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo

ALLOTMENT art project has a seminar at the 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo on the 1st December 2012.
Jonathan Harvey/ACME Studios CEO(London), he told about the 40 years activities of ACME studio and their future. Over the 80 people involved this event. Shared his knowledge for making better studio environment in Japan. Also 11 organizer’s of major art spaces in Japan was joining us in this dialogue. Amazing people was in one place for one reason…Looking for better studio!

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8 December 2012

ALLOTMENT Seminar 2012 at Aichi Triennale School

At Allotment seminar at Aichi Triennale School, Julia Lancaster from ACME Studio told about their 40 years of activity and Graham Ellard tole about his project with ACME, Professional studio and art school. Explore opportunities to functions as a site of production for art along side Aichi Triennale.

30 April 2011

Children’s Workshop – playing with Shadow and Light at Nagakute Japan

15 Parent’s and children participated and enjoyed the workshop program in conjunction with the exhibition at Nagakute. The children were set a task to further create from the exhibition itself. The task was to choose their favorite photo with the questionnaire sheet, then think on their own and inflate their projection. From this they created some narrative and then cut the shapes for Shadowgraph onto the photographs in the exhibition. The workshop provided the experience of process in making and room for the unexpected surprise results.

24 April – 5 May 2011

Exhibition: Naoko Yogo ‘Granada’ and Daisuke Hayata / Nagakute Cultural Center, Aichi

Exhibition:Naoko Yogo ‘Granada’ has traveled to her hometown Nagakute. Many of her old friends visited the opening night and we had a great dinner party. Also this show combined the new works of Daisuke Hayata who won the 2010 Travel award and visited Yakushima Island.

27 February – 3 March 2010

Exhibition: Naoko Yogo ‘Granada’/ Kandada, Tokyo

The Naoko Yogo ‘Granada’ Exhibition toured from London to Tokyo at the Kandada, this was her 3rd solo show in Japan. However after shooting the photos at the rural southern Spain, the artist herself never saw those images again and the prints were processed and developed posthumously. Many old her friends supported this show, and a new audience appreciated her work.
This was the beginning of Allotment Art Project and the ideas grew from the people involved in this show.

3 December 2009 – 31 January 2010

Exhibition: Naoko Yogo ‘Granada’/ Chelsea Future Space, London

Naoko Yogo’s ‘Granada’ is a selection from a series of previously unseen black and white photographs. After the shooting of each frame in some 40 rolls of film the artist herself never saw those images again and the prints have been processed and developed posthumously. In ‘Granada’ Yogo looks at the landscape of rural southern Spain from a specific viewpoint. That view is wholly isolated but yet not lonely and the landscape itself objectified, almost abstracted, through a consideration of scale and the choice of the monochromatic. Yogo travelled alone with her camera and what she offers the viewer through her images is as much about contemplative reflection on the self and one’s own internal spaces as about the topographical and the lyricism of place.