Mieko MATSUMOTO / 松本美枝子

Mieko MATSUMOTO / 松本美枝子

Born in Ibaraki, Japan in1974. She has conducted a lot of fieldwork trips and created works consisting of photographs, texts and sometimes sound on the themes including daily life, movement of human, natural environment, and the relation between geology and industry. In 2000, Matsumoto won a prize of ‘The 15th and The 16th Photography Hitotsubo Exhibition’ (Guardian Garden, Ginza) In 2004, and received the 6th Hirama Itaru Photo Award for a photo book “In lukewarm words.” Her major exhibitions include: The Second Stage at GG #46 Mieko Matsumoto Photography Exhibition: “I know where here is.”(Guardian Garden, Tokyo). Her major publications include “Living,” a collection of her photographs accompanied by poems by Shuntaro Tanikawa (Nanaroku-sha). She is also a member of artist run space “Mito no Kiwamari-so”.


1| Phantom of Mountain /multi slide projection, sound, 15minutes each, lambda printed acrylic mount / 2016
2| “Arita in 3parts” 2 “looking at the moon” / slide projection, lambda print, text/ 2017
3| “Arita in 3parts” 3 “letter”/ lambda print, text / 2017
4|[solo show]I know where here is/ installation view/2017
5| Walking while thinking / multi slide projection, sound, 10minutes each / 2017
All photo’s © Mieko MATSUMOTO


2017 [solo show] The Second Stage at GG #46 Mieko Matsumoto Photography Exhibition/ I know where here is, (Guardian Garden, Tokyo)
2017 Art project “Reborn-Art Festival2017” (Miyagi prefecture)
2016 Art project “KENPOKU ART 2016” (Ibaraki prefecture)
2016 [solo show] Bozen / Jijaku (Kanzan Gallery, Tokyo)
2014 Basically. Forever (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo)
2010 Yokohama photo festival kick–off event 2010 (Yokohama red brick warehouse1, Yokohama)
2006 [solo show]Criterium 68 MATSUMOTO Mieko (Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito)