7 March 2021



Born in Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture in 1978. Base in Kyoto and Aichi Prefecture. Studied at Iceland University of the Arts on an exchange program in 2001. Graduated from Winchester School of Art, BA Fine Art, Sculpture (Southampton University) in 2003. Stayed in Berlin from 2015 to 2016. Artist career of “CHUCHU” has been started since 2017 after experiencing various jobs. CHUCHU makes installation works using things from the surrounding environment, and creates works by observing nature. CHUCHU is larger than an individual, and always changes depending on the work.


1| Chuchu Park in the sea/ Installation (part)/ Kamoe Art Center, Hamamatsu/ 2020
2| Organs of the earth/(from「Become Water」/ Kyoto Art Center/ 2019
3| Become Water/ Installation (part)/ Kyoto Art Center/ 2019
4| The beginning of the beginning/ Installation/ Kamoe Art Center, Hamamatsu / 2018
5| Manzenyakkyoku Kura/ Installation/ Kameyama Triennale/ 2017
All photo’s © CHUCHU


2021 [Solo Exhibition] “Timeless composition”, Toyonaka, Osaka
2020 Art Award IN THE CUBE, Gifu Art Museum, Gifu
2020 [Solo Exhibition] “Chuchu Park in the sea”, Kamoe Art Center, Hamamatsu
2019 Kyoto Art Center co-program 2019 category C「Become Water」, Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto
2019 [Solo Exhibition] “the crossing”, Art Spot Korin, Kyoto
2018 The 54th Kanagawa art competition Incentive award, Yokohama
2018 [Solo Exhibition]The beginning of the beginning, Kamoe Art Center, Hamamatsu