2 May 2014

Travel Awards 2014

Calling for the Young Japanese Artist Allotment Travel Awards 2014!
Deadline: September 21, 2014 (Sun)


受付開始:2014年 5月5日(月)
締め切り:2014年 9月21日(日)
助成金額:20万円 一名


森田浩彰氏(もりた ひろあき) |アーティスト
住友文彦氏 (すみとも ふみひこ) |キュレーター



30 April 2014

Launching the New Allotment website!

We are very happy to launch the brand new website for the Allotment!
This includes newly opened Project page which aggregates the activities of the past exhibitions and events. Also please note our Artist Archive page continuse to enhance each year. We hope you can get to know more about the Allotment in this opportunity and join us and support talented artist. Tell your friends about the Allotment! And if you have any questions or comments please email us from the contacts.


12 February 2014

2013 New Talents for the Allotment Artists Archive

We are proud to announce the artists of 2013 Allotment artists archive.
Six brand new talents have been selected by the judges: Fumihiko Sumitomo and Naofumi Maruyama.

厚地朋子 (Tomoko ATUCHI) / 京都府   
川田淳 (Jun KAWADA) / 埼玉県
白木麻子 (Asako SHIROKI) / 東京都   
渡辺泰子 (Yasuko WATANABE) / 東京都
山内光枝 (Terue YAMAUCHI) / 福岡県  
柳井信乃 (Shino YANAI) / 神奈川県

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10 February 2014

University of the Arts London (UAL) Scholarships

University of the Arts London (UAL) Scholarships!


4 April 2013

Announcing the 2013 Travel Awards Winner!

The winner of the Allotment Travel Awards 2013 is Terue Yamauchi!
She will travel to Saisyuu Island in South Korea. This is where the origin of the Ama Women/traditional womens prime diving fishing. She will join the only womens diving fishing school for a new experience for her new work. She said; the “sea will give a sense of tension as a “creature” in human (form)….“ She needs to know what it is.

Terue Yamauchi website
Jury’s comments on Travel Award winner 2013


31 October 2012

The First ACME Lecture in Japan – The event was held in Tokyo and Nagoya

Allotment seminar at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo on the 1st December 2012. Jonathan Harvey/ACME Studio CEO (London) will talks about his 40 years experience and knowledge of organizing ACME studios. Also the directors of 9 leading artist spaces in Japan will introduce their program. We will think about the work environment / studio for the artist. Artists need their studio to free themselves and create great work from the everyday practice.

Click here for more details of Acme x Allotment event