Kaori NISHIO / 西尾佳織

Kaori NISHIO / 西尾佳織

Born in 1985 and base in Tokyo. Playwright, theater director and artistic director of Bird Park. She lived in Malaysia in her childhood. She researched on Shuji TERAYAMA in The University of Tokyo and on Shogo OTA in the master course of Tokyo University of the Arts. Since she established the theater company Bird Park in 2007, Nishio has done playwrighting and direction for all productions. She was nominated for 62th Kunio KISHIDA Play Awards with “Hey God, Job’s calling you!” in 2018, and won Akane NAKAMURA prize of SICF19 PLAY with “The Closing Party” in 2017 and so on. Since 2015, she has been a junior fellow of the Saison Foundation.


1| Bird Park #14 “Fading with time 2012 / 2017” /Komaba AgoraTheaer/ 2017 © Fumiko TSUKADA
2| Bird Park #13 “Hey God, Job’s calling you!” /the Aterier GEKKEN/ 2017 © Cheer NAKASAI
3| Kaori NISHIO solo “2020” /Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo / 2016 © Kaori NISHIO
4| Bird Park #12 “↗ an Arrow” /BUCKLE KOBO/ 2016 © Fumiko TSUKADA
5| Bird Park #11 “The room of Midoriko” recreation /Komaba Agora Theater/ 2015 © Fumiko TSUKADA


2018 Exhibition “Inside the Encephalon of Bird Park” / Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Atlier EAST
2017 #14 “Fading with time 2012 / 2017” / Komaba Agora Theater, the Atelier GEKKEN
2017 #13 “Hey God, Job’s calling you!” / The Atelier GEKKEN, Komaba Agora Theater
2016 #12 ”↗ an Arrow” / BUCKLE KOBO、Teshima Island<Setouchi Triennale 2016>(written by Shogo OTA)
2015 #11 “The room of Midoriko” recreation / the Atelier GEKKEN, Komaba Agora Theater
2015 “One summer with an old lady from Mars” / Tama Central Park(Tokyo), Edamitsu shopping street(Fukuoka), Yousquare (Aichi)
2015 #10 “Who knows the color of void?” / Kyoto Art Center, ST spot Yokohama