24 September 2018

Masanori MATSUDA / 松田壯統

Masanori MATSUDA / 松田壯統

Masanori Matsuda was born in Hyogo, Japan in 1982. Matsuda has searched for ‘a place’ to return to since his family house was collapsed during the Great Hanshin Earthquake when he was 12 years old. When he was wakened by the earthquake, he felt a space where the light was penetrated and the wall in front of his eyes disappeared. Since then, he has delved deeply into the symbols and concepts surrounding various elements: house, the sun, soul, and followed the traces of the invisible life, where as the flow of his root.
In July 2017, Matsuda lived and worked in Ireland as a Pola Art Foundation grantee for 1-year overseas research. In summer 2018, he will take part in a residency in Geneva, Switzerland. In Spring 2019, Matsuda will take part in exhibitions in Poland and Germany, showcasing site-responsive works he will create there.


1| Series of tracing the movement of sunlight: Trace of Sun Light /『Ready for Beltane』15:55,1,May, 2017
2| Repeating the names of the dead while living: From the dead archive of the Connemara radio station /『Connemara Death notice』November, 2017
3| Towards the moment when the street lights lit up: 1.17 after 21 years /『House of Day, House of Night』17, January 2016
4| Putting mirror as the sun for 20 years 1/12 /『The gesture of player for 20years』KITANO TENMAN-GU SHRINE, Kyoto, 2013
5| Buying flowers from flower vender every day, presenting flowers from flower vender every day/『everyday’s flower of flower vender』Yamamoto-seika, Nishinari, Osaka, 2017
All photo’s © Masanori MATSUDA


2018 COLLECTING TIME – GENEVE2018/ cheminée nord, Geneve, Switzerland
2017 Interface Residency2017/ Co.Galway, Ireland
2017 Ready for Baltane, Either-Or/ 2001-artspace, Kobe, Japan
2016 The origin of Breath, ASAHI-AIR/ Ishi-space, Nagano, Japan
2016 House of Day, House of Night/ @KCUA, Kyoto, Japan
2014 Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival/ Shinano o-machi, Nagano, Japan
2012 MOVE ARTS JAPAN/ 3331ArtsChiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
2011 The home in Moere Mountain, S-AIR/ Moere-numa Park, Sapporo, Japan