Tomu OSAKI / 大﨑土夢

Tomu OSAKI / 大﨑土夢

1984 Born in Fukuoka
2007 Graduated with a BA from Takarazuka University of Art and Design
Lives and works in Tokyo


1|Pictures of the Fisckle/Oil on canvas and wood panel/ 304x304mm/ 2016
2|Spiral thinking/ Oil on wood panel/ 365x258mm/ 2016
3|Reconsidering Old Map/ Acrylic, felt-tip pen, ballpoint pen, cellophane, color seet on paper and collage/ 280x285mm/ 2014
4|Visions of Mt. Osore/ Acrylic on canvas/ 1615x1940mm/ 2015
5|Buko, smokes in silence -a sense of Mt. Buko- / Acrylic, Watercolor pencil, Crayon, Charcoal on canvas/1303x1940mm/ 2014
All photos © Tomu OSAKI and 4.5. ©Tokyo Wonder Site photo Ken KATO


2016 ARTS CHALLENGE 2016, Aichi Arts Center, Aichi
2015 [solo show] TWS-Emerging 2015 The New Temple And Sanshin, Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya,Tokyo
2015 [solo show] Tokyo Wonder Wall 2014 at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo
2014 Tokyo Wonder Wall 2014 The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo
2013 WONDER SEEDS 2013, Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo, Tokyo
2008 [solo show] OMOMA Subway, AD&A gallery, Osaka
2008 [solo show] Tomu OSAKI Exhibition, Gallery Den, Osaka
2008 Ignore Your Perspective 5, Kodama Gallery, Osaka