The Winners of Travel Award 2014 Announced.

The Winner of the Allotment Travel Award 2014 is Miyuki KAWAMURA

2014年度ALLOTMENTトラベルアワードは、全国100名の作家の方々からご応募いただき、審査員の住友文彦氏、森田浩彰氏による厳正な審査の結果、河村美雪さんに受賞が決定いたしました。河村美雪さんは東京在住。1999東京造形大学造形学部卒業以後、‘認知の支配からの自由’ をテーマにリサーチし、指示書を使ったアクションやハプニング、パフォーマンス、音声システムなど多様なメディアを使って作品を発表してきた。

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Miyuki KAWAMURA was selected from the 100 applicants we received in this years Travel Award. The judgment committee was held on the 4th October in Tokyo, selected by Fumihiko Sumitomo and Akihiro Morita.

With this Travel Award grant, Miyuki KAWAMURA intends to visit and study the immigrants of Oslo (Norway) and the Isle of Man (U.K.). In doing so, she will research their unique autonomy rights (Crown dependency). KAWAMURA will also travel to Nagoya (Japan), in order to meet the special nursing teachers at the junior high schools to find out about the existing shelters, how students find solace in such small intimate spaces surrounded by these bigger institutes. The great length of her research is to coincide with her new project called “Migrating Books”.

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